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Top Pharmaceutical Company 
Assessment | Experience Strategy | Roadmap | Executive Storytelling 



A major department store’s BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) offering accounting for 38% of orders broke during the peak period leaving customers without their holiday gifts, damaging the brand. 




Provided supply chain & retail subject matter experts to conduct a process analysis of the interconnected retail BOPIS process at a leading department store. Identified key themes and opportunities to improve the end-to-end process, spanning 10+ areas of the business and overall customer experience. Developed a 3-5 year roadmap prioritizing the opportunities and an initial 1 year implementation plan focused on speed to market.


Value Delivered


•Identified 50 short-, medium-, and long-term opportunities requiring both process and system changes to protect the exponentially growing BOPIS revenue stream of ~$1B.

•After executing the prioritized recommendations, the major department store realized a successful holiday peak season the following year including 45% growth in BOPIS sales.


A global bio-pharmaceutical wanted to mature and better understand their omnichannel customer experience capabilities across their specialty brands and internal support teams. The knowledge, understanding, and readiness of the field team representatives with regard to omnichannel customer experience capabilities also needed to be evaluated.


Educated teams on omnichannel through collaborative sessions

Developed and led internal workshops to help key internal teams better understand omnichannel customer experience and the benefits of maturing omnichannel capabilities. 

Conducted cross-functional 1:1 interviews and capabilities assessment

Led 35+ qualitative interviews to better understand the organization’s omnichannel customer experience capabilities and needs and provide recommendations on maturing omnichannel capabilities across eight criteria and five levels of maturity.

Led quantitative survey and 1:1 interviews with on-the-ground field teams 

Performed a quantitative survey of over 500 field personnel and also held qualitative interviews with 50+ field personnel to better understand how to quickly mature on-the-ground field team personnel in omnichannel capabilities.


An Omnichannel Maturity Assessment measuring capabilities across eight criteria and five levels of maturity.

‘Quick-win’ recommendations for quickly maturing on-the-ground field team personnel in omnichannel customer experience capabilities.

Strategic recommendations and a roadmap for maturing omnichannel capabilities across the eight criteria over 18 months.

Foundational to the next phases of work to develop the “digitally enabled rep of the future” vision, roadmap and change management plan.

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